Art is a beautiful thing. It makes you feel things. It gets you out of (or into) your comfort zone. It makes us think, ponder, reflect, etcetera. It’s just great.

Art is everywhere around us, no matter where we are, and we can see it on museums but also billboards, restaurants, our own houses and yes, in furniture. Furniture is also a great thing, especially when it has artistic value, but there’s this thing: artworks can also make us feel weird, out of place, uncomfortable.

Sometimes art challenges us, and that’s a good thing. But if you see a surreal painting, you don’t have to take it home with you. So, what happens when we look at “weird” furniture?

Arne Jacobsen’s Drop chairs.

Overcoming your furniture fears

When I first saw the Flag halyard chair by Hans Wegner, I thought to myself: “there’s no way somebody’s going to put this on their tiny, regular people living room.” It just seems out of place. That happened as well with a lot of Wegner designs (shout out for being the weirdest Wegner, we love you), and with some other pieces of furniture that seemed to follow a bit of a “form over function” theme.

But mid-century modernist furniture is great because it’s adaptable, it speaks to you own artistic ideas, even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person. The Flag halyard chair is still a piece of furniture, and there are a lot of ways you can play with it, it’s not a statue.

Eero Arnio and his weird collection of mid-century designs

The best examples of “weird” mid-century furniture that you can put in your house

Thanks to Manhattan Home Design, we can now get a more affordable look at certain “weird” items that you can get for your space without looking like a total weirdo. The first one is the Papa Bear chair ($1,486.00), which is like a modern interpretation of your classic newspaper-reading type of grandpa chair.

Secondly, we have the Swan chair ($741). This is Arne Jacobsen’s work and you might think “why would I want to sit on something that looks like a swan? You can’t sit on a swan.” A lot of people ask themselves this when looking at nature-inspired modernist furniture. But this chair looks great on living rooms, bedrooms, and offices alike, and it’s totally instagrammable.

Wegner’s Flag Halyard chair.

From here we can mention the Eames rocking chair ($277), the Egg chair ($1,246.80), and many other items. Take a look at them without prejudice, try and appreciate the craftsmanship and imagine how it would fit your space. All of these chairs, no matter how weird-looking, were made by industry geniuses. They’re all comfortable. So why doubt them? Go get yourself one!