Choosing a best-seller from the collection here at Manhattan Home Design is a decision that will undoubtedly transform your entire house. These designs each come with their own personality, and picking between them does say something about your decorating style.

Would you like to know what each of these items represent for interior design? Read up to find out which of them suits you better. You might even end up looking at them differently, but in any case, whichever you choose is only going to bring you elegance and sophistication. Also, if you think that we’re missing a best-selling item from this list, drop us a line in social media!

The Eames Lounge chair and ottoman

You’re definitely and elegant soul, but you veer more towards coziness and good rest. You probably have well-defined interior spaces, and lots of wood around the house. However you might also be a minimalist, favoring sleek lines and using your space in an organized and distinctive way. you are not a fan of clutter.

This is not to say that you might indulge from time to time, as the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman is also the companion of many studios and smaller living rooms with libraries and cushy sofas.

Womb chair and ottoman

You might be a little more knowledgeable in the mid-century modern design standards, and you enjoy the cushy part of decorating maybe a little less than those who chose the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman. You minimalist side might be more appealing to you, as the Womb chair and ottoman does work best by itself, surrounded by smaller decorative elements.

The Womb chair and ottoman is also much more comfort-oriented, even though both items are equally pleasant to sit on. If you choose to get this item, you might not care much for other people’s opinions about furniture, instead usually choosing to go your own way. It is a very individual piece of design, to be honest.

Tulip Tables

There’s a reason why Eero Saarinen is the second most featured designer in our best-seller collection (after the Eames couple). Talking about the Tulip Table is usually talking about not just one item but a range of products that follow the same aesthetic. The influence this man has on our current interior design (and architecture) styles is very widespread.

If you choose to get yourself a Tulip Table, we might say that you are playing it a little safe, which is not a bad thing. You love playing and toying around with interior design, but you are also very mindful of your space’s elegant look. You always go for the most luxurious look, even if constrained by budget. The Tulip Tables greatly help with this matter.

Nelson bench

Simplicity and minimalism once again, but this time with a little more fun involved. You are probably a very laid back person, and you enjoy the outdoors and also having some plants around. The Nelson bench has one of the most simple and natural looks in our best-selling catalog, and that makes it a very common choice for mid-century modern fans looking to keep costs down, as well as style constraints.

The popularity of the Nelson Bench has led us to create a four foot variant that you can take home today. The original 72-inch bench is still the most bought product out of the two, but the four foot bench is becoming a very suitable option for people with smaller apartments that want to maintain a frugal and quiet look on their spaces.

Flag Halyard chair

This design by Hans Wegner does not sell like the other ones, in fact, people in our showroom ask about it (and end up buying it later), but they don’t come to the store with the Flag Halyard chair in mind, something that tends to happen with bigger players like the Womb chair and the Eames Lounge chair, even the Tulip Tables!

What we’re saying here is that, if you see this chair and it appeals to you, you might be a person that’s not afraid to take some weird risks when it comes to decorating. You also might favor a more rustic look with lots of draping, cushioning, and the best parts of the Scandinavian tradition.

Shell chair

This is the second Hans Wegner chair in our possession, being just as individual in style as the Flag Halyard chair, which makes it into an awesome companion to that chair when choosing a living room’s furniture. This chair, however, is closer to the Eames plywood designs and also goes great with them.

If you choose this chair you are indeed making a statement, and you might like to purchase items that seem to blend the furniture traditions from the past but retain a sort of futuristic look.

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard

The only member of the sideboard and storage category that made it to our best-selling line. Very Scandinavian in tone, and also a great living room pair for the No. 45 chair (that we also have and that is also a Finn Juhl design), also one of the most expensive.

This is indeed a choice for people who want to bring the Scandinavian tradition that permeates mid-century modernism to its most luxurious standard. If you’re choosing the great Finn Juhl sideboard, a design reminiscent of much cozier times, you are definitely someone who values European taste over the more American traditions of mid-century modern design.


There’s still some best-seller items that we failed to cover in this article, so don’t worry if you don’t find the one you have, we’ll just mention them here at the bottom. Aside from these ones we also have:

The Arco Lamp, which already has lots of articles on it. The Noguchi Table (same deal). The Eames Office chair, Eames La Chaise lounge chair, the Eames Plywood chair, and the Eames molded plastic chairs (rocking and stationary dining room variants).

We also have other great best-sellers that we will definitely cover separately due to their iconic yet lesser-known status (in regards to the general public) such as the Swan chair and the Egg chair, both designs by Arne Jacobsen.